Learn How Proper Eating Can Enrich Your Life

Guiding people to feel their best through healthy eating is the life's work of Cynthia Curtis Harington, founder and executive director of the nationally acclaimed Rose Quest Nutrition Centre. Organically-grown food plays a major part in the process of realizing the benefits of proper eating. The success of her approach to wellness has been documented by her clients worldwide who have followed her clearly defined guidelines and reported remarkable results.

Lifestyle Plans and Support

You are unique - your nutritional needs vary based on a myriad of factors including age, gender, medical history, weight, body chemistry, and what you eat. We want you to be successful in your quest for wellness, so there are no "one-size-fits-all" plans at Rose Quest . Each person is viewed as an individual with needs and goals as unique as they are, and their lifestyle plan reflects those factors.


If you are serious about discovering a path to improved wellness, we invite you to call the Rose Quest Nutrition Centre and make an appointment to speak with Cynthia, at her office or over a telephone conversation.

Offices in Indiana

The Rose Quest office is located in Mishawaka. Contact for specifics.

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Through Rose-colored Glasses

Join us as we discuss ways to think positive and embrace wellness.