Initial Consultations - In order to explore the possibility of your becoming a Rose Quest client, Cynthia will meet with you in person or speak with you on the telephone to see if her program might be a good step on your path to improved wellness.

Client Phone Consultations – Many Rose Quest clients do not live in the Chicago or Indiana area and choose to work with Cynthia by telephone. With personalized Rose Quest programs to follow, these clients speak with Cynthia weekly in order to update her on their progress and discuss any issues of concern.

Nutritional Guidance

Cynthia Curtis Harington is dedicated to a multi-faceted system of nutrition which defines her Centre’s emphasis on correct, organically-grown food choices, organically-grown food sources, appropriate food supplementation, massage, and exercise, in order to assist the body in nutritionally balancing itself. An educational method of guidance is offered, emphasizing client/nutritionist cooperation, and fostering individual responsibility for nutritional health.

Massage and Exercise

Maximizing the effectiveness of your personalized program might involve massage and/or exercise, both of which can be beneficial for blood flow and an improved feeling of wellness.